Big News! We have launched our language learning app into Google Play Store Beta. Support authors from all over the world make a living through their work while learning a language!


LingoBites Cover Art LingoBites teaches language learning through stories from authors from all over the world

LingoBites Cover Art

LingoBites is a new way to practice a language using short stories written by talented authors from around the world.

We’ve combined the best of modern language learning techniques with great stories to help language students learn without even thinking about it.

  • Access entertaining stories in different genres based on what you like to read
  • Choose stories at the perfect level of difficulty, allowing you to progressively read more challenging stories as you improve
  • You can even filter by topics you’re interested in practicing, like ‘weather’ or ‘food’

Our clever technology means that you can read in your target language while seeing the translation progress at the same pace below. You can also listen to the story – perfect if you’re on the go and for training your ear to the pronunciation of the language. Our Spanish audio is read by voice actor Javier FernándezPeña, the voice of Spanish Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 3.

LingoBites is designed to help you learn a new language at your own pace. You can track the stories you have read and share them with others. Follow authors that you like in order to find out when they publish new stories. We’ve already had a couple of our authors write some nice things about us!

Click their names below to read what they said:

The app has an intuitive design to help you discover stories that interest you:

Want to just read in English? There’s a simple way to do that too! Just flick the reading screen to single language mode and read stories just for the fun of it.

Read in parallel or in single view mode

Everyone gets three free stories per month on the free plan. You can also subscribe to a premium plan to get access to unlimited stories. Get it here!