Too often, indie authors end up getting their first publishing gig in publications that are by authors, for authors, and read by authors. There is nothing wrong with this: it can be a great way to test out story ideas, network with other authors, and to build a following of like-minded people.

However, the “holy grail” is to move from writing for authors to writing for readers.

At Alsina, we connect your work with readers from the outset. Our readers are engaging with our product to learn a language, so you are connecting with a whole new group of people that you would not otherwise have access to. When they read your work, they can follow you to get updates when you publish your second or third story with us. They have easily-accessible links to your website, so they can link through to your longer work, sign up for your mailing list, and so on.

“But I Don’t Write Short Stories”

We get this sometimes from authors, but we think you should consider writing short stories even if it is not your preferred format. Consider Alsina a fantastic way of marketing your longer work. Because of all the marketing support we provide, it will give readers another way to find you. Writing a short story is investing in the future success of your longer work.

Writing short stories will also give you good reader feedback on longer novel ideas before you invest your time in writing a full-length novel. If you publish two stories with us, then you can compare how users rate the two (in marketing-speak, they call this A/B Testing). If one gets read 10x times more than the other and is rated five starts where the other has three, then you know which story you should build out.

Did we mention royalties?

The folks at Alsina believe in supporting authors for the work that they do. You absolutely get royalties on your work. Every time a reader completes your story, you get money.